How To Create A Udemy Course – A Step-By-Step Guide

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How To Create A Udemy Course – A Step-By-Step Guide
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How to Create a Lucrative & Successful Udemy Course

Do you have a subject or a topic you are knowledgeable in and would love to share it with the world on an online learning platform? Then you gotta learn how to create a Udemy course.

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What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform where you can become an instructor and offer courses. The topics can range from health, fitness, language, music, and beauty, to technology, entrepreneurship, online marketing, photography and many others.

Anyone can enroll on the platform and offer free or paid courses by means of PowerPoint presentations, videos, audios, zip files, and PDFs. An instructor can also offer live classes with online discussion boards to interact with their students.

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The monetary sytem – How do you make money?

Regarding the revenue model, it is very simple to understand.

If you are offering a paid course on Udemy, you earn

  • 97% of the tuition fees if your students register to your course because of your own marketing techniques or reputation.

  • 50% of the set tuition fee if they enroll in your course because of Udemy’s marketing practices.

  • 25% of the revenue if a student has enrolled in the course through an Udemy Professional affiliate. The affiliate earns 50% of the revenue and Udemy gets 25%.

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    How much do people earn?

    If you are doubtful about earning through an online learning platform, get ready to be schocked. Based on the reports issued in 2015 by Udemy, their top 10 instructors earned over 17 Million Dollars revenue in total. Udemy has courses in over 50 languages and has a base of 20 million students with 30000 instructors. Impressive, right?

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    How to create a udemy course

    Creating an account and uploading your course

    So now that you know all about Udemy and how much you can earn from it, it is time to discuss more about how to create a powerful and commercially successful Udemy course which will not only give you a platform to share your knowledge but will also help you earn a significant passive income. You can become a very successful instructor on this platform if you have the right skills and create a great course. How can you do that? We will help you create a course that will be profitable as well as successful.

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    First of all, Register on
    Once you’ve registered, go to the My courses section by clicking on browse courses. You will see a button called “create a course”.

    Now it is time to identify a subject. This subject can be anything that interests you. Search for popular courses and see which one interests you and on which subject you can share something valuable and unique with the students. Do not choose a subject on which everything you want to share has already been shared in another course. If you do not offer something valuable to your students which they cannot get anywhere else, your course will not be as popular as you want it to be.

    You can choose the level of the course as beginner or advanced depending upon your expertise on the subject.

    Next is the execution section. Once you have decided a subject, it is time to prepare the course material for it.

    Creating the course

    There are 3 basic steps to create a powerful course material. They include planning, preparing, and publishing it online.

    Plan your course in parts. Choose a catchy title which will attract students and supplement it with a short description of the course you are going to offer.

    The format in which you offer the course is also very important. Video courses are much more popular than other formats so it is important that you include videos also in your lectures. The duration of each of the lectures should be 5-10 minutes if it is a video so that the students take an active interest in the course.

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    If you are making a video course, use a quality Smartphone camera or DSLR to enhance the effectiveness and popularity of your course significantly. If it is an audio course, use a good microphone and focus on the quality of the video and the audio to make an impact.

    Another important tip which is a must is to include an introduction and a conclusion in the course. What is the course about, how many lectures will it include, and which topics will it cover are some of the points that should be covered in the introduction. In the conclusion, you can talk about the major takeaways from the course and its ultimate benefits.

    The marketing side

    The next step is to create an impressive landing page which will lead the students to your course. A landing page contains basic information like course image, course description, author information, and a promo video of your course which offers a concise view of the course to your students.

    A visually appealing course image will attract more students. Go to Fiverr and hire someone to create a great course image or design it yourself.

    You can also share the reviews and ratings left by other students on your landing page. This will help your future students gauge the authenticity and effectiveness of your courses.

    If you’re starting out, make your course free for a limited time and share it in social media. This will give you the initial boost in traffic you need to get started (Recommended reading: Tips to get targeted traffic from social media sites). Then, as more students start enrolling, create a coupon for your course and share the coupon in coupon-sharing sites.

    The Pricing

    The most important thing in any Udemy course is its price. Offer a course which is worth the money paid by the student. Decide on a price which will be beneficial to both you and the students. The price of the course is completely up to you and you can set as high or as low as you want depending on the quality of the content. Some instructors earn over 500$ – 1000$ every day with their courses on Udemy.

    There is a great article in about pricing your online course. You can read it here: How to Price Your Online Course

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    Once you upload your course online, Udemy experts will analyze it and offer suggestions on improving it. You can implement the changes and submit again. Once they approve it, it can be published and viewed by millions of students across the globe.

    That’s it. Congratulations. You are now a successful instructor at Udemy and can earn a significant passive income from your course if you keep your students engaged. If you follow the above tips and step-by-step guide, your course will definitely be profitable and successful on this platform.

    If you want to learn more, there is a wonderful article I read that you might be interested in: 10 Steps To Create A Successful Udemy Course

    So, what do you think? Did we miss out on something? Or, are you already killing it in Udemy and want to share your experience with us? If so, share your views in the comments below.