10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers And Influencers

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10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers And Influencers
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If you think that the only ways to monetize a blog are ads or sponsored posts, or you are struggling to monetize your social media presence, then you are wrong. A huge potential lies in affiliate sales, and the best affiliate programs can help you realize it.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a good amount of money without working too hard or waiting too long. In fact, some bloggers earn way more money with affiliate sales than they do with ads.

You only need to place a few links on your blog or social media profile. Then, see them get converted to easy money. Some brands pay you as a hefty commission for promoting their products or services.

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You don’t have to register with every single brand to get their affiliate links. All you have to do is register with a few good affiliate programs which cover most brands. Our list of ten best affiliate programs will help you with that.

List of the ten best affiliate programs

  2. Best affiliate programs - Amazon

    Amazon Associates is one of the largest marketplaces and the best affiliate programs available in the market. It is the favorite kid of many bloggers because of its ease of use and its diverse product categories. Bloggers and influencers from all niches can find a suitable product on Amazon to promote, and generate sales.

    One tip to use in this program is to select products which offer high commissions and can get more clicks. Some disadvantages of this platform include long payment cycles and low commission rates for new bloggers.

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  4. Affiliate marketing websites - ShareASale

    With more than 4000 listed merchants, ShareASale is another big affiliate network which is used by almost all bloggers. The biggest advantages of this network are its quick payment schedule and availability of data about the currently high-converting offers.

    Always check the average sales, earnings per click and reversal rates for each offer to find the one which offers best commissions. The tracking and sale reporting tools of this network are a bit outdated but are being updated slowly.

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  6. Best affiliate marketing companies - CJ Affiliate

    If you are looking for that one network which solves all your marketing needs, CJ Affiliate is the place to be. It has almost all merchants under one roof and has a timely payment schedule.

    CJ Affiliate is also one of the best when it comes to tracking sales and optimizing the affiliate links. It can be a bit intimidating for beginners but once you get the hang of it and learn about the reporting structure, this affiliate network is the one you should definitely use.

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  7. EBay
  8. Best affiliate marketing programs - Ebay

    EBay has been around for more than a decade and is known for its diverse merchant portfolio and pricing structure.

    They are reliable in terms of payment and send monthly payouts. You don’t have to wait 90 days for a single payment like in some other networks. Another advantage of this program is that it also offers seasonal discounts which can boost sales.

    The only problem with this network is that it is a bit difficult to get your application approved if you do not have high-quality traffic (Struggling with traffic? Read thistraffic case study).

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  10. Best affiliate marketing Websites - Peerfly

    A cost-per-action based affiliate program, Peerfly is being called one of the fastest growing affiliate platforms right now. The application process is a bit tough but if you get in, it has one of the highest payouts in the affiliate networks category.

    Peerfly works better than sales-based networks, as it does not ask your reader to buy anything. It just asks them to complete an action like filling out a form for which it pays you.

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  12. Best affiliate marketing companies - Rakuten Linkshare

    Formerly known as Linkshare, Rakuten is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks around.

    Some of the best features of this affiliate network include auto-optimization of banners to promote best performing products and flexible deep-linking for niche merchants. It has a limited number of merchants registered but if you optimize them well, they can help you get decent side earnings.

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  14. Best affiliate marketing companies - Affiliate.com

    If you are looking for better payouts with fewer links, Affiliate.com can help you get your earnings to the next level.

    Affiliate.com has some highly converting offers which pay well with minimal promotions. Their support team is also great, so you can always take their help to get even better conversions.

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  15. JVZOO
  16. Best affiliate marketing Programs -Jvzoo

    There are very few affiliate networks which have instant payouts to your Paypal account and JVZoo is one of them. JVZoo has a different promotional strategy than other affiliate networks and you cannot directly promote a product on your blog or your social media without getting the seller’s approval.

    You earn 100% instant commissions from the links you promote once they approve your blog. Real-time sales and traffic tracking is another advantage of this network.

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  17. Viglinks
  18. Best affiliate marketing Programs -Viglink

    Viglink is a unique kind of platform wherein, it converts all links on your site into affiliate links. It also identifies any products you mention in your blog and link them to the most suitable affiliate link. Many affiliate marketers have reported that this has boost their earnings significantly.

    It requires minimal efforts but you do have to register with some merchants individually as well. The revenue is great, if you focus a lot on promoting commercial products.

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  20. Best affiliate marketing Programs -Clickbank

    If you are promoting digital products like ebooks, memberships, and software, Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks you can use to maximize your earnings. It has a weekly payment cycle and offers up to 75% commission to its affiliate members.

    It is a very popular network with bloggers who focus on the digital niche. A unique feature of this network is that it shares with you the data about how many people are making money with that particular product which is a good way to determine how profitable a particular offer is.

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  21. So now that you know about some of the best affiliate programs for bloggers and influencers, it is time to get in action and register on the platform which suits your niche.

    With any affiliate network, it is very important to check if it has merchants who fit your niche. If you offer an irrelevant link to your readers, the sales are bound to be minimal.

    I cannot emphasize this enough – Focus on the content more than you focus on affiliate links as good content will drive sales but thin content will make you look like someone who just wants to earn money without offering any benefit.

    Which is your favorite affiliate network?

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